What is EZproxy and how do I use it?


Question: What is EZproxy?


  • EZproxy is a service that grants access to licensed resources purchased by the library.
  • Links to licensed resources must include the proxy information described below.
  • Properly formatted links should prompt each user to enter their UHD credentials.



Question: How do I make a resource available using EZproxy?




Question: How do I login to EZproxy?


  • When you click on an EZproxy link, you should see the UHD Login Screen (see below).
  • Use the standard UHD login screen to enter your UHD username and password.


UHD Login Screen

Sign into your accounts for University of Houston Downtown



Question: What is http://ezproxy.uhd.edu/login?


  • This is an outdated EZproxy prefix. It points to an old server that is no longer in service.
  • The library moved EZproxy to a new server in 2022 to improve system performance.
  • The new server can better keep up with changes in third-party sites, such as EBSCOhost.  
  • When you click on an outdated link, you will see the Outdated Login Screen (see below).
  • Use the instructions above to modify links with the new prefix https://uhd.idm.oclc.org.


Outdated Login Screen (link must be modified)

Please Enter Your Network ID and Password



Question: How can I get help with a link that does not work?


  • Please use our Report an Access Issue service. 
  • When possible, please give us:
    • The complete URL of the resource.
    • The name of the article, book, video, database, etc.



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