I am looking for reliable source for my paper about finding alternative methods of recruitment for the Sayeret Matkal, Israeli Special Forces.


First off, I'm not sure you will be able to find reliable information about how the Sayeret Matkal actually recruit. You might find what is reported, or perhaps an account of someone who has been through it. But anything like that should e taken with a grain of salt since I'm guessing  the Sayeret Matkal don't publish a book on their recruiting methods. For what it's worth, the Wikipedia article (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sayeret_Matkal) on the Sayeret Matkal mentions the recruiting and training process. 


That said, there is a web page in Hebrew referenced by the Wikipedia article. I used Google translate to view the page in English, and it says very little about the actual recruitment process.



The library does have sources that might be helpful to you:


This ebook has a section specifically on the Sayeret Matkal. You may need to search within the book to find any information about its training methods.

The Elite : The a-Z of Modern Special Operations Forces

Leigh Neville



But all of the above information really just tells you about the Sayeret Matkal. I don't think you'll be able to research alternative recruitment methods specifically for the Sayeret Matkal. Instead, you could compare what is known about their current recruitment methods with those of other special forces, such as any of those listed in the ebook.


For example, this ebook (from 1999) discusses pre-screening methods for special forces selection:



Here is a search in our ebook database for "Special Forces and "Selection". You may find some of the titles here helpful:



For journal articles I suggest using the search terms "special forces" and "selection process".

Here are the results of a search I did in our LibSearch databases using these terms.



Here are some articles you could review and see if they have comments or refer to other sources of information about the selection/recruitment process for special forces:


A prospective study of character strengths as predictors of selection into the Australian army special force.



Physical, Physiological, and Dietary Comparisons Between Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command Critical Skills Operators and Enablers.



Mental toughness as a psychological determinant of behavioral perseverance in special forces selection.



The Rise of Special Operations Forces: Generalized Specialization, Boundary Spanning and Military Autonomy.




Lastly, though I'm not sure it's of much use to you, this is a link to search results from the newspaper The Times of Israel. 


One of the articles notes there is currently discussion around gender integration within the regular army, which is just an interesting note that includes a comment of support from of a Sayeret Matkal commander.



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