A faculty member who would like to know how many times her book has been cited.

I know there are citation indexes for articles, especially in the sciences. But this is a book, and it's in the humanities. Any ideas of where I should go for that? Google Scholar? Anywhere else? (Q&A from LIBREF-L)


  • Try Google Books for this....most of this content is not searched in Google Scholar, and Google Books is very good about scooping up recent references to books such as the one you are looking for.
  • If your faculty member wants this information for a tenure file, you can look in OCLC and see how many libraries have a record for the book. I helped one of my faculty members with this and they were very pleased to add this information to their file.

  • Along these same lines, if your library uses a major academic book supplier (such as YBP, e.g.), you can identify how many copies of the book have been sold.  Often with academic titles, this is closely tied to library holdings and records in bibliographic utilities such as OCLC, but there could certainly be sales that are not reflected in these other cataloging sources.  This would perhaps be a more viable option for older texts that have had ample time for public sales, but newer works that are "flying off the shelves" (so to speak) can be made evident by such information, too!

  • Other option: Web of Science, Google Scholar.


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