Q. How do I find scholarly journals for communicative function and Alzheimer's disease

Effects of working memory deficits on the communicative functioning of Alzheimer’s dementia patients


Try our Pyschology database: PsycINFO.

When looking for scholarly articles, the best place to find them is in Databases. To find the database PsycINFO, starting at the library homepage, you will want to select the Databases tab, located in the middle of the page. From there, select the letter "P", then find PsycINFO on the list.

Once in PsycINFO, you will be presented with a number of search options. Before searching you may want to select the box that says "Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals" as you are specifically looking for scholarly journals rather than other articles such as magazines.

When you are searching, you may want to play around with your words until you find the ones that will achieve the best results. I found the article title you mentioned by searching:

working memory deficits AND alzheimer's AND communication

You may also want to try other searches such as:

Alzheimer's AND short term memory

Alzheimer's AND communicative function

Alzheimer's AND communication skills

Alzheimer's AND working memory deficits

The more ways you can think of to say the same thing, the more successful you will be at finding the articles you need!

Once you find one or two articles that look like what you are looking for, have a look at the words those authors use to describe what you are researching, and then try those words.


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