I am looking for scholarly/peer reviewed articles related to the difference in generational perceptions of internet information credibility.


One of our most general databases, and often a great place to get started when you aren't sure what subject your topic falls under, is Academic Search Complete. You can find this database by going to our Homepage --> Selecting the Databases Tab --> Selecting Academic Search Complete from the bottom of the box under "Featured Databases".

When you pull up Academic Search Complete you will see several search boxes. As you are specifically looking for scholarly/peer reviewed articles you want to make sure to select that in the options before you search (Look down on the right under "Limit Your Results" and select the "Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals" option.

I found some great articles by keeping the terms simple. Try the following search:

Internet AND Credibility

To focus in on the Generational aspect, you'll want to add in a word such as Age:

Internet AND Credibility AND Age

You can try adding in words such as information and perception, however it might narrow down your search too fast. I also encourage you to look for synonyms to the words you are searching, because sometimes by using synonyms to search you'll come up with great articles you wouldn't find otherwise!

Another database I can suggest, as perception is often a topic studied in psychology, would be PsycINFO using the same keywords as above (and selecting the Scholarly Articles option!).





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