I am trying to see if I could review this journal: Journal of Modern Education Review.


In trying to research this journal, I found many conflicting signs as to its quality and hence, its likelihood of being available in a library, which would be one source for getting to look at it for free.

I have recently created a guide to evaluating journal quality, found at http://library.uhd.edu/journalquality. I checked the Ulrich's Serials Directory, and although the journal was listed, very little information was given about it. (You can also check this through the guide above.) It was not listed as peer-reviewed, and it is not indexed anywhere. I did not find it in the Cabell's journal directory in education.

When I just searched the name of the journal on the Web, a half-finished Web site came up for it, which might be what you found, saying it was published by Academic Star - (http://academicstar.ecrater.com/p/11598874/journal-of-modern-education-review). When I found Academic Star's main site at http://academicstar.us/, they don't list the journal. They say they're located in New York, but appear to be Chinese. What is there on that site has indicators that mark it as a potentially suspicious publisher, as you'll see from the checklist I have on the guide above.

I searched the ISSN on the Web, which is 2155-7993. A couple of papers came up, but they indicated they were online submissions to the journal, not necessarily the journal itself.

I also searched Worldcat.org, which includes listings of the holdings of most U.S. libraries. It doesn't list any library as holding this journal.

In short, I am not aware of a way to get this to look at for free, and I didn't find any direct reviews; however, what I did find is reason to question the quality, and perhaps the existence, of this journal. Sorry this may not be helpful to you!

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  1. The University of Houston-Downtown does not subscribe to the Journal of Modern Education. Based on the lack of quality in their website, as well as descriptions of their publishing practices found on other websites, I would strongly discourage you from using this publication in your research. Further, I would be suspicious of any article or book that cites articles from the Journal of Modern Education.

    If you are looking for reputable, scholarly works on education, please consider using ERIC database. This can be accessed by click on the ERIC Database link on the Education Research Guide - http://library.uhd.edu/Education. When accessing the database from off campus, you will be asked for a username and password - these are the same as your username and password for Blackboard.
    by Billy Hoya on Nov 22, 2012
  2. Here's a link to an article about pseudo-journals (and pseudo-conferences).
    by Kay Stand on Apr 04, 2014
  3. Faculty should consult Cabell's directory and check the "Blacklist" category for titles of journals with violations.

    The Journal of Modern Education Review is on the Cabell's blacklist and has 6 violations. There are eight other journals published by the same publisher (Academic Star Publishing Company) that also have numerous violations.

    UHD faculty can access Cabell's by going to the UHD library website and selecting "Databases" > "C" > "Cabell's Directories".
    by Steve Bonario on Sep 01, 2018