I am looking for information on how political candidates use social media and the web.

How is social networking beneficial to them for getting elected?


You can start your research at the library’s web site (www.uhd.edu/library).

1. Click the dark gray Databases tab in the middle of the page, then click the link for Academic Search Complete (located at the bottom of the tab, under “Featured Databases”).

2. You’ll now see some search boxes at the top left side of the page. In the first search box, type “political candidate*” (without the quotation marks, but with the asterisk after candidate; the asterisk will make sure the word candidate and the plural, candidates, are included in the search). In the second box (below the first), type “social media” but this time do include the quotation marks. This will make sure we search for these words as a phrase instead of separately.

3. Before you click Search, there are several check boxes to check in the green Search Options area below the search. Check the following options:

a. Apply related words

b. Also search within the full text of the articles

c. Full Text

d. Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals

4. Now click Search. You should get 18 results, some of which look very promising.

5. To find more articles, I recommend that you pick one or two of the articles in this list that you think are most fitting to your topic. Then look at the list of references and citations in those articles and search for those articles within Academic Search Complete, or within the LibSearch tool on the home page of the library web site.

6. Some other search terms you can try in Academic Search Complete:

candidate* AND “social media” (should get just under 200 search results)

elections AND “social networks” (should get just under 100 search results)

Be sure to check the four checkboxes  mentioned in step 3.

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