I am looking for peer reviewed journal articles that deal with homeless immigrants.


Start by trying "Libsearch", the search tool that initially shows up in the search box on the library homepage http://www.uhd.edu/library/

Some search suggestions:

Homeless immigrants "united states"
Homeless demographics
Homeless Mexicans "united states" (also try "Latinos" or "Latinas")
Homeless Asians "United states"
Homeless Africans "United states"

By adding "United States" you will get rid of many, if not all, of the articles talking about homeless populations in other countries. On the Results screen, check the boxes at the top of the left column to limit results to scholarly articles and items with full text online.

You should get a few articles in each search that is relevant. Once you get to the full text of an article that looks relevant, look to see what materials that author cites. Then when you see an item in his or her citations that you would like to read, search for its title using LibSearch. If we have the article at UHD you'll be able to pull it up that way.

You may also want to start by looking at some books on homelessness in general. There should be sections in them that talk about homeless immigrants. You can narrow your list of Libsearch results down to books by clicking "book/e-book" under "Filter by Source Type" on the left. Then click on each item's title to see which library it's in (UHD Library or one of the other U of H libraries). E-books from the UHD library can be read by clicking on the title, then click the link under the section "electronic access." You can request that books from other U of H Libraries be brought to the UHD Library for you to pick up. Click on the red "Request" link at the top of the book record.

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