I'm looking for information on programs offered online at UHD.

Where can I find data that gives the statistics on the requirements to take online classes, as well as the stats on the programs we offer online? I would also like to know how to find information on other schools that are successful in offering more classes online?


For information about the online degree programs offered at UHD, see this page:


Academic qualifications for each degree will vary by program. For example, if someone is applying to the Master of Criminal Justice online degree program, they would visit this web page to see the admission requirements:


I strongly recommend you contact the Distance Education office staff: https://www.uhd.edu/academics/off-campus/Pages/distance-who.aspx . If you explain that you are working on a class project, he may be able to provide more specific information to you.

For statistics on online programs offered at UHD, you can start by visiting the university’s Institutional Research web page: https://www.uhd.edu/administration/institutional-research/Pages/ir-index.aspx

Specifically, you want to look at the:

 Fact Books at https://www.uhd.edu/administration/institutional-research/Pages/ir-book.aspx


Fact Sheets at https://www.uhd.edu/administration/institutional-research/Pages/ir-sheet.aspx

You will have to search these for specific information about online classes. For example, the Spring 2011 Fact Sheet shows data on the number of semester credit hours that were taken Online.

If there are specific UHD facts you need, you might also try requesting data from the Office of Institutional Research by using this form:


To find out about online education at other schools, you can start by using our LibSearch tool on the library home page. Here are some ideas for search ideas you can try. Type this phrase into the search box as shown:

"distance learning" AND (college* OR universit*) AND statistics

To limit the results just to items with full text available online, check the check box at the top of the left-side column.

You should see some possible resources for finding information about statistics for online classes.

You can try substituting these phrases in place of “distance learning”:

“distance education”

“online instruction”

“online education”

“online classes”

Additional sources:
Check here to find data for a particular university. For example, you can search for University of Houston Downtown.

You can also search this site for various distance education statistics. For example, here is a table of statistics about nation-wide online education :


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