Q. I'm looking for external environment analysis on the health care industry.

I need academic sources and professional sources on:
- General environment analysis: 7 trends
- Industry analysis: 5 forces
- Competitors analysis: Opportunities and Threats. 5 major competitors within this industry that are publicly traded in the USA with the ticker symbol & stock exchange of each competitor.


I recommend that you start with our business guide at http://library.uhd.edu/business.

Look for the "Company and Industry Resources" tab at the top and click on that tab.

From there, start with "MarketLine Advantage" under "Industry Information."  Recommended search:  healthcare providers.  Industry analysis breaks down by country, so choose a result on a particular country, i.e., "Healthcare providers in the United States." That link will take you to a page with two key sections: (1) at the top, it will say "Downloads: Reports"; and (2) on the right, it will say "related research." Start by clicking on the "Report" link in section (1).  That report will include most of the information you mention, including some top companies.  Then go back an click on "companies" under "related research" (2). That will retrieve a list of profiles for top companies.

Back at the "Company and Industry Resources," try "First Research" and then "Hoover's."  For the general healthcare industry, search for:  health care sector.  "First Research" gives industry analysis much like what is provided by "MarketLine Advantage." It does not cover the "5 forces," but it has other data and it lists more companies. If you search for "health care sector" in "Hoover's," look for the "Refine Results" option on the results screen.  Then choose "Industries." Then choose "Health Care Sector." That will take you to an industry report with various kinds of information. Under "industry index," see "Companies List." Click on "Companies List" to see a list of major companies within this industry.  You can click on any column (i.e., Sales, employees, etc.) to sort the list.  Then click on the name of each company to get a full profile of the company with information about their products and services, financials, executives, etc.

If you need more company information, see "Mergent Online" (public companies) and "PrivCo" (private companies).

"Business Source Complete" and "ABI/Inform" can be used to find academic publications. These publications cover a wide of range of topics, so you may need to add various words or phrases to focus on the kind of information you want to find.  For exampe:  healthcare industry AND competition, healthcare industry AND trends.  If you read the MarketLine Advantage or FirstResearch reports first, you will probably get ideas of keys issues to search here.

Our business librarians are also available for personal consultations and one-on-one training.








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