Q. I need to login to an eBook, but I don't know what ID and password I'm supposed to use.


Your login information will depend on if you're trying to access an eBook from the UHD Library collection or if it's an electronic textbook you purchased.

UHD Library eBooks:

UHD Library eBooks are found through the library's catalog. http://library.uh.edu/search~S14/X (You can select "EBOOK" under Material Type to retrieve only eBooks). If you're off-campus, you will need to login with your eServices account information once you click the link that says "UHD users only: Connect to this ebook." After you click on one of these links, you should see a UHD web page that asks you to login with your ID and PIN. The page has a UHD logo, and it does not mention Cengage or EBSCOhost.

If you do not see this UHD login page, please let us know. It tells us something important.

If you do see this UHD login page, please enter your ID and PIN. Your ID is your 900-number or network ID (last name, first initial, number). Your PIN is the PIN that goes with those accounts.

After you enter your ID and PIN at this UHD login page, you should go directly to the ebook at the publisher's website. You should not be prompted to enter another login or dial-up password. If that happens, there is a technical problem.

The system needs to pass your login information from the local UHD system to the publisher's website to prove that you are authorized to read the ebook. If cookies are not enabled on your computer, the information cannot be passed, and you will not be recognized. If that is what you experience, it may help to adjust your cookies permissions. In Internet Explorer, click on the Tools option. The choose Internet Options. Then Privacy. Then grab the "Privacy" bar and move it to "Medium" or "Low." Then click "OK." Then try the links again.

The Library eBook Guide may give you some more help in accessing the book you need. http://library.uhd.edu/ebooks

If you're still having trouble accessing a UHD Library eBook, contact us with the book title and author information so we can look into the problem. Our e-mail form and phone number are listed on the right side of the Library homepage: https://www.uhd.edu/library/Pages/library-index.aspx

Electronic Textbooks:

If you're having trouble accessing an electronic textbook or other supplementary materials that you purchased for class, you will need to contact the publisher of the eBook. You should be able to find a "Contact Us" page on the publisher's website. Cengage Learning is a popular electronic textbook publisher at UHD, but there are many others.

If you purchased a printed book and are looking to access online supplementary materials, there is usually a code on a card inserted in the printed book.




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