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I forgot to cite my source for mass spectrum using Scifinder and now I can't remember how to find it again.

Last Updated: Sep 26, 2014  |  145 Views
Topics: Chemistry

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To find your Mass Spectrum using SciFinder, here are your steps:

1. Go to SciFinder using the link found on this page

2. Log in

3. On the menu on the left, under the heading Substances, Select "Substance Identifier"

4. In the search box, either search using the name for the compound or the CAS number.

5. If multiple results come up, find the one with the correct CAS number, if only one comes up ensure that it is yours before moving on.

6. Select blue linked CAS number of your selected compound to find the page of details about that compound.

7. Scroll down on the page to find your mass spectrum (or search on the page using Ctrl+F to get to it quicker).

Detailed instructions here:

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