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Where can I find information about how much a student can earn with a BA/BS degree in whatever field they major in?

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To find information about earnings in a particular career field, check the Occupational Outlook Handbook available through the library website Click the DATABASES tab in the center of the page, and then “O” for Occupational. It is the first link on the page.

You can browse the Occupational Outlook Handbook by field from the links on the left side and get info including requirements to enter the field (like what kind of education or degree is needed) and salary information.

There are some additional links worth noting across the bottom of the page, including a Location Quotient Calculator.
Keep in mind when using this website that it is part of the Bureau of Labor and Statistics. If you need to get back to the Occupational Outlook page, don’t use the HOME tab, use the PUBLICATIONS tab and select Occupational Outlook Handbook from the links on the left.

More great resources can be found on our Career Resources Guide at Specifically, see the second tab labeled Researching Careers.

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